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The Summer Season starts in September. More Information>>

For team entries or general enquiries Email: admin@northsydneyfutsal.com. Game forfeits/Lost property sms 0410400601

No Jewellery is to be worn on the field. All players must wear shin pads. Please report ALL injuries to the administrator on the night.

Location & parking: North Sydney Boys High School Gym, Falcon St, North Sydney or Mosman Sports Centre, Cross St, Mosman Location on Google Maps Directions- Mosman games-Shortcut from Military Rd


General Rules

  • Borrowing players information
  • See our Facebook page for Q & A's on common mistakes or if you are looking for a team. Laws of the Game and common mistakes Click here
  • Player & spectator penalties for misconduct. Click here (Team captains will need to ensure everyone is aware of these)

    Monday Night - Rnd5- Oct12th- Results & Draw A
    Rnd5- No Games due to Labour Day long weekend
    North Sydney Boys High School
    Mosman Sports Centre
    600 LVG v EPTGlobal  
    640 ZooTangClan v EPTMix HoneyBadgers v TellYourFriends
    720 Greengoes v BanchesterUtd GoldenCalms v JHAwesome
    800 TeamTesla v HeyBerryFC BTFC v VictoriousSecrets
    840 Fooseballersv BenchStretchers BeersAfter v TheMightyMooses
    920 TeamRhino v TeamUnicorn SleepyMexicans v BushTurkeys
    BYE GoalBusters BDFC Indoorphins JHAverage PDFC
    Tuesday Night-Rnd7 Oct13th- Results & Draw A

    North Sydney Boys High School-

    Mosman Sports Centre
    600 SealsPosse v Bruisers  
    640 SupremeMugwumps v InterBFC Barcaloners v CraicDrinkers
    720 StormanNorman v ChasingtheDream JollyRogers v MostlyHarmless
    800 ChubbyAlonsos v JohnnyBear Mockeroos v RazzMaTazz
    840 FatHeaps v Cavallinos URAM v FBFC
    920 OneSizeFutsal v FootballersofCatan AforEffort v IndooriousFC
    BYE CrucialBoots Teriyake5 KappaLaKings KMA
    Thursday Night Juniors Rnd4 Oct 8th Results & Draw A
    Rnd4 Resumes on Oct 8th
    Time North Sydney Boys High School
    530 Bentekkers v Thunder  
    600 BlueLions v TheDreamTeam  
    630 WeigelWanderers v BayernNeverlosen  
    700 SquadGoals v BFC  
    730 WilloughbyWarriors v Zelic  
    800 CechM8 v SantinoFC  
    BYE NorthbridgeFC ChoiceKingdom  
    Thursday Night Mens Rnd5 Oct8th Results & Draw

    Rnd 5


    North Sydney Boys High School


    830 FCDaff v Heatwavehawks  
    910 HotDogFC v SomethingSomethingDarkside  
    950 TheNash v MickFanningFC  
    Friday Night -Rnd4 Oct9th- Results & Draw

    Rnd4- Summer Comp- North Sydney Boys High School

    600 FeneechiFC v FalconsFC  
    640 TheMuffins v TheKrakens  
    720 AHGFC v SOXI  
    Sunday Afternoon Rnd5 Oct11th Results & Draw

    Rnd5- Summer Season North Sydney Boys High School

    1220 BrokenXButtons v BayerNeverlosen  
    100 TheWindies v CheekyNaandos  
    140 DannysFanClub v FCBanterlona  
    220 DoogieFC v MRFC  
    300 BSharps v AloysFC  
    340 RealSP v EADFC  


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