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New Season starts Feb 2015- Entries are now being accepted for the next season's comps. New Season's Comps are Monday - Mens & Mixed, Tuesday Mens & mixed , Thursday Juniors & Mens, Friday Mens, Sunday Mens.

For team entries or general enquiries Email: admin@northsydneyfutsal.com. Regular game forfeits ph 0410400601

No Jewellery is to be worn on the field. All players must wear shin pads. Please report ALL injuries to the administrator on the night.

Location & parking: North Sydney Boys High School Gym, Falcon St, North Sydney or Mosman Sports Centre, Cross St, Mosman Location on Google Maps Directions- Mosman games-Shortcut from Military Rd


General Rules

  • Borrowing players information
  • See our Facebook page for Q & A's on common mistakes or if you are looking for a team. Laws of the Game and common mistakes Click here
  • Player & spectator penalties for misconduct. Click here (Team captains will need to ensure everyone is aware of these)

    Monday Night - Results & Draw A
    Rnd14- Finals
    North Sydney Boys High School
    MensA 1st place Real Mosman  
    MensB 1st place GoldenCalms  
    Mixed A 1st place- BenchStretchers  
    Mixed A 1st place YMFC  
    Tuesday Night-Juniors- Results & Draw A
    Summer Season -10/11s- Final standings
    North Sydney Boys High School
      Juniors 1st place Sharks, 2nd Cammeray, 3rd Eagles, 4th Vipers  
    Tuesday Night Summer Season- Results & Draw
    Rnd15 Summer Season- Final Results
    North Sydney Boys High School
    Mosman Sports Centre
    MensA CrucialBoots  
    MensB ThirstyTravellers  
    MensC Barcaloners  
    Mixed SealsPosse  
    Thursday Night Juniors Rnd15 Dec11th Results & Draw A
    515 Falconators v ExpectToulouse  
    545 Grooty v TheMuffins  
    615 Redbacks v STMGunners Finals - 12s
    645 Northbridge14A v NorthbridgeDragons Finals - 14s
    745 TeenageMutantNinjSkirtels v Bruisers 3rd Place - 14s
    815 BlueTigers v PunjabiFC  
    BYE TekkerslovakiaFC  
    Friday Night -Results & Draw

    North Sydney Boys HS- Final Results

    1st SwedishShirtMafia  
    2nd BearGryllsAppreciationFC  
    Sunday Afternoon Rnd15 Dec21st Results & Draw

    Mosman Sports Centre*- Rnd15

    100 ClockworkOrange v Jambos Mens Div1 Final
    140 FCDaff v Krakens Mens Div2 Final
    220 BocaMagaritas v MRFC Mens Div1 3rd place
    300 BHFC v RealSociapath Mens Div2 3rd place
    *North Sydney is closed from 19th Dec


    Safety Markers