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By Laws


FIFA International Rules 2010 are used in all competitions with the additional by laws:

Law 3. A team may start with 4 players and borrow one player to make at total of 5. Only ONE player who is not on your registration sheet may be borrowed to make a total of 4 or 5 players. During any play off matches (semis, finals etc) you may only use your team players who have played at least 3 games, and can not add any new players

Law 8. Games consist of two halves with 5 min for warming up/ half time/ coming off the field. Mondays halves are 15min, Friday/Sunday halves are 18min long. Tuesday mixed halves is 20min No time outs are permitted.

Playing for different teams- For Monday Winter 2011 only. Players can play in 2 teams in the same division. They have to notify by Week 2 and select which team they will play for in playoff games.

1) Match Suspension as a result of a Red Card and Two Yellow Cards

a) A player given a red card by the referee will be told to leave the field of play and its surroundings (ie in the immediate area around the court). This will include the substitutes' bench, during a match. The person who has been sent off must leave the hall.

b) A red card can result from serious unsporting behaviour as defined by Laws of the Game; or as a result of an accumulation of two yellow cards during one game.

c) A team official or spectator can be ordered from a playing venue if they , continually question a referees decision, provoke, intimidate or threaten a referee an official, players or spectators whether through physical action or language.

d) Where a red card is issued it automatically incurs a suspension of one week. A suspension is a ban from taking part in any future games for the period of the suspension.

Where several players together make threats or forceful actions towards match and/or club officials the players involved will be suspended and team points may be deducted. Consideration may also be given by the referees and officials to removing the team from the competition.

We do not have a separate viewing gallery. As part of the condition of allowing spectators to view the games from sidelines we ask that they do not interfere of get in the way of players. Any spectator or Sideline player who interferes with the game in a serious or forceful way will be ejected and their team banned from the competition. (added 7/10/09)

If a referee has to abandon a game due to the behaviour or the misconduct of a team(s) the game will not be replayed. The team which is deemed to have incited the misconduct or unsportsmanlike behaviour either through violence, abuse or intimidation will automatically lose the game on forfeit. Otherwise the result will be a scoreless draw. If a game is abandoned due to these reasons teams will be required to show cause as to why they should be allowed to continue in the competition.

Games abandoned due to other factors may be replayed only if they have a bearing on the teams final outcome in the table.

Teams unable to play their game at the scheduled time should give as much notice as possible to the administrator. If it is not possible to mutually reschedule the game at a different timeslot with the other team, the game will be forfeited. Games cannot be moved to other nights or carried over as the field is booked in advance. This is also due to the time constraints of the competition and the burden of teams playing two games in a night. The penalty for forfeiting is a 3-0 loss.


Any player who insults someone (including other players, officials or spectators) in any way specifically by using offensive gestures or language, will receive a suspension. This applies to on and off the field.

A Futsal qualified referee shall be scheduled for every game. The referee shall be responsible for the conduct of a game from the time he/she enters the playing area and until such time as he/she leaves the vicinity of the playing area. His/her authority shall extend to offences committed when the game is in progress or when the game is stopped. His/her decision on points of fact connected with the play of the game shall be final. No protests will be entertained concerning a refereeā€™s decision.

Each team is to supply their own playing strip. All players in the team must wear matching shirts with numbers. Players should also wear similar coloured shorts and socks. All players must wear acceptable shin pads and non-marking shoes. Goal keepers must wear a different coloured shirt to the rest of the team, with a different number. Goal keepers may also wear an unnumbered shirt. Goal Keepers may also wear different coloured shorts and socks, and wear knee and/or elbow guards (with soft padding only) and gloves. Where teams clash in shirt colours, playing bibs are available from the desk.





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