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Player Conduct

Player Conduct Rules

Please alert all players & spectators of these expectations - this is the only warning given.

Please check the list of Red Card Offences for the length of suspensions Click here

1. Bad behaviour by players and spectators will not be tolerated. Make your team & spectators aware of this.
Don’t invite spectators if you suspect they will misbehave. Substitute your players if they are frustrated. Remind your team and spectators that their actions will now affect everyone by way of points being deducted. As always the Referees decision on Laws of the Game is final.

2. This league is based on FIFA's LOTG for Futsal with a few extra rules and policies mentioned here.
3. The philosophy is to enjoy the competitive spirit and camaraderie of a fun game in a structured league.
4. We will not tolerate

  • any displays of anger
  • threatening comments or actions
  • foul language
  • provocation or threats to players and spectators through words or gestures
  • intentionally harming or injuring another player through careless actions.

5. We will not tolerate words/gestures that are meant to provoke or threaten other players or anyone else involved with the game.
6.Unsportsmanlike Conduct will result in a foul, a yellow or red card, and possibly a suspension.

Definition of Unsportsmanlike Conduct: To be unsportsmanlike is to act in a manner unbecoming of a fair, ethical, honorable individual. It consists of acts of disrespect such as making debasing or critical remarks about or to an official or an opponent, or vulgarity such as the use of profanity whether or not directed at someone.


Player appeals to the referee
Referees are not required to defend their officiating to players/spectators. Players that continue to argue with the referee will receive a yellow or red card.
DO NOT swear or question the referee's knowledge of the rules of the game. This includes comments such as "you must be joking"or "learn the rules". You will certainly receive a card. Before you appeal and risk a few weeks off suspended consider that you aren't in the same vantage point as the referee. Your focus is usually the few square metres in front of your feet. The referee is the one who has a clear view AND knows the correct rules.

We ask that you wait until half time or the END of the game to ask any questions to the referee and even then only during the short duration between game times. Other teams don't want to be held up.

You may disagree with a Referee’s call, do not make your comments
personal, angry or derogatory.


Deduction of Competition points.
Teams will lose competition points for the following in addition to player penalties.
1. 12 points, (or forfeit of finals) spectators fighting or joining in any on field scuffles. This may result in a team being ejected from the competition.
2. 4 points and ban from venue, (or forfeit of finals) player refusing or intentionally taking too long to leave after being given a Red card.
3. 3 points, Players intentionally being violent to the opposition for any offences not covered by the Red Cards Penalty list.
4. 2 points, (or forfeit of finals) spectators/players bringing in alcohol or refusing to leave when asked.
5. 2 points, (or forfeit of finals) spectator’s derogatory remarks or inciting the opposition in any way including chanting or gestures.

Red Cards
Two individual red cards in a competition will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season. The only exception is red cards given for hand balls. This includes 6 yellows in a season.

Teams with 5 red cards in a season will need to suspend one red carded player (not already suspended) from the teamlist for the remainder of the season. This will continue for each new red card.

Players receiving a red card and not leaving the premises or continuing to be a nuisance will have 4 points deducted from their teams competition points and will be banned.

This is being done because Red carded players often feel they are free from any further penalty if they want to disrupt the remainder of the game or abuse and intimidate other players and the referee. If you feel you need to do this you place your team's place in the competition in jeopardy. When you are given a red card you must take your belongings and leave the premises immediately. If you intentionally take too long, points will be deducted and the player banned from our competitions and venue. The administrator on the night will use their discretion with these matters.

Just to clarify so there is no confusion if a red carded player sits back down at the bench, changes at all or stands around on the sidelines - 4 points will be deducted from their team and a season ban from the competition and venue for the player.










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