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1. Competition-Divisions, Registrations, times, etc

2. Uniforms

3. Payment

4. Rules & Policies

5. Game Rules

1. Competition

Which Division should I play in?

The choice is up to your team. Division 1 suits teams that have played together before and have a reasonable standard of outdoor/indoor experience. Division 2 suits social or work teams. Mixed teams are generally social or work teams.

What are the requirements for Mixed teams?

The mixed team, excluding the goal keeper, must have no more than 2 male players and at least 1 female player on the field. The team needs a total (inclusive of GK) of at least 4 player to start.

So you can have;

a) GoalKeeper + 2 Male (maximum), 2 Female.

b) GoalKeeper + 1 Male , 3 Female.

c) GoalKeeper + 4 Female.

The goalkeeper can be either male or female but doesn't count towards the number of female players.

If we are short of players on our match night, can we borrow players from other teams or bring in someone?

A team needs 4 players to start play. If a team has 3 or 4 registered players they can only borrow ONE player from another team on that night to make a total of 4 or 5 players respectively. If you want you may add another player (not from another team) at any time during the season. In either event you can have no more than 12 players on your team sheet over one competition.

How old do I need to be to play?

You will need to be at least 16yo to play in the seniors competitions.

Is there an over 35s competition?

No, our teams are graded by division.

What does the team fee cover?

It covers all match fees, player accident insurance and administration for one team for one competition. There are no other charges or individual player registration fees. All teams need to pay the full team fee at the start of the September competition or if they are playing for the first time. If your team plays again in 2014 (Autumn & Winter) you pay the team fee with a discount ($350) for each competition to reflect the insurance/registration component already paid. Existing teams need to pay this as well. The insurance discount component is vaild for the Futsal season (Sept to Aug each year).

Can I change or add some players as they dropped out?

Yes up to a total of 12 players per competition. If they haven't played a game eg. the initial registration then they don't count. There is no extra charge, but you must email their details through by 4pm on the game day or 10am for Sunday matches.

How do I register my team?

Please see our page on registration Upcoming Season

Can I enter as an individual?

We would like to give everyone a chance to play Futsal but we only accept entries from teams. If you would like us to find you a team please email your information through, including nights you are available and preferred division (junior entries please state your age). We can't guarantee you a place in a team but there are usually some teams that need extra players. You will have to come to an arrangement with your team regarding your share of payment.

What times do we play? Can we request times?

Once you have chosen your night & division all your games will be on that weeknight. Game times are from 6pm to 10pm finish and assigned evenly. If you can't make early games (600/635pm) please let us know and we will accomodate that.

How many competitions do you run in a year?

There are three competitions in any calendar year. The Futsal season traditionally kicks off in September, Australia wide. Our competitions run from September to December, February to May, June to August.

Do we need to provide a ball or have a teammate referee?

No, just make sure you arrive ontime for your scheduled game. All our games have professional referees and match balls are supplied.

Which indoor soccer type do you play?

We play the official Futsal rules with a few bylaws such as no time outs. So it's NOT rebound indoor and keepers can throw the ball over halfway and you can kick to score a goal from anywhere on the field.

How is the Competition Structured ?

Each team is placed into the night & division they choose. That group plays in a round robin format each week for 2 rounds usually. Each team plays one game per week. The top teams by points play in the playoff series at the conclusion of the round robin format. Each night may have slight variations but this is explained at the top of the schedule for each night.

How are points awarded and how is the table calculated?

Points are awarded according to game results. Wins are 3 pts, Draws with goals are 2 pts, Scoreless draws are 1pt and a Loss is 0pts. Byes carry no points.

The table placings are ranked in following order. First by Pts, Goal difference (GD), Goals For (G). If it is still tied then the previous games the two teams played are used to calculate placings, using only those results.

Why is there a team roster each week for Teams?

Each team allowed only 12 players per season. Also in order to play in the playoff series a player must have played 3 games with that team and not belong to another team in the same division. In order to enforce these rules we need to make sure all players are checked off each week on their player roster. Please make sure your players are marked off each week for this purpose and to verify they played in case of injuries.


2. Uniforms

Do we need uniforms?

All players must have numbered matching shirts at the minimum. Teams like to play against organised teams (teams with the exact colour uniforms.) Nobody wants to pay money to play against teams in four different shades of blue, or T-shirts with logos on them and non-matching shorts/socks. The ability to see an opponent or teammate peripherally based on solid colors helps the game (you need to see colours for effective passes and marking.) You should not have to look exactly at a teammate to find out what team they are on.

Several of our team have recommended www.sourcingjerseys.com for their uniform purchases.

Do I need to wear shinpads and long socks?

Yes they are needed for every game. Your socks need to cover your shin pads. We have spare shinpads you can borrow..

3. Payment

When is payment due?

The team fee is due by August 16th 2013, if you put down a deposit of $200. Any entries after this date must have full payment made.

What does the team fee cover?

It covers all match fees, player accident insurance and administration for one team for one competition. There are no other charges or individual player registration fees. If your team plays again in 2013 (Autumn & Winter) you pay the team fee with an a discount to reflect the player accident insurance component already paid.

Do we pay extra to add new players?

No. You can have up to a total 12 players per season. You must email the new player's details (name/address/ dob) through before they play before the time cutoff (4pm of gameday). If a player doesn't appear on your teamsheet they won't be allowed to play.

Why do I need to put down a deposit and pay in full before the season even starts?

Every season there are a number of teams that enter a team and then withdraw their entry for various reasons. Aside from the rescheduling involved it also means that teams that were ready to play have missed out on a place. There have also been teams that simply don't pay after playing. Due to these reasons have introduced this payment policy.

Does my registration from another centre or from outdoor cover me at North Sydney Futsal?

No we have a separate insurance policy from FootballNSW and other outdoor clubs.

4. General Rules & Policies

How do I appeal a referees decision?

The referees decision on all game rules, including fouls is final. If you wish to complain you are entitled to do so via email only(admin@northsydneyfutsal.com) stating your complaint. If you continue to argue with the referee or swear it is most certain you will be given either a yellow or red card in which case it is unlikely any appeal will be looked into.

How do I appeal a player suspension?

Appeals against the length of suspension can be made via email to the administrator. All red cards have a set time frame for nearly all common offences which is available here on our Red Card Policy. If your offence was due to violent behaviour it is unlikely any appeal will be looked into.


5. Game rules

This topic has its own page. It covers all the common mistakes. Click here









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