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2015 Season

The 2016 Winter Season starts from May 2016.

2016 Winter Season- February to May, Registrations are now open.

Your team fee allows you to register up to 12 players per team (from Sept 2015 to Aug 2016). You can add players during the season

Our games are at either North Sydney Boys High School Gym, Falcon St, Crows Nest or Mosman Sports Centre. Please check the table below for the location of each comp.

Please note: Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Teams are NOT automatically allocated a place in the new comp.

The night and league you choose will always be held on the same weeknight.

If you have any questions please email admin@northsydneyfutsal.com.

Calendar of Events for the 2015/16 Futsal Season

  • September 2015- December 2015 Summer season.
  • February 2016- May 2016 Autumn season.
  • May 2016 to Aug 2016 Winter season

What's available

  • Monday Night- Mens Div A,B, Mixed A&B, Mens B -6pm to 720, All other comps 720pm-10pm
  • Tuesday Night- Mens Div 1, Div 2, Mixed, Mens Div 3 6 to 720, All other comps 640/720 - 10pm
  • Thursday Night- , Mens 60pm to 10pm
  • Friday Night Mens 6pm to 8pm
  • Sunday Afternoon Mens Div 1, Div 2 1pm to 5pm

The night you choose is the one all your games will be on. Game times vary from 6pm kick offs to a 10pm finish. We accept entries from teams only. If you want to enter as an individual please email the nights you can play and we can try and find you a team that may need extra players.

Night Comp Availability Starts/End

Team entry fee


Monday Mixed 1 3 May16th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd & Mosman
Monday Mixed 2 3 May16th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd & Mosman
Monday Mens `1 0 May16th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd & Mosman
Monday Mens 2 0 May16th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd 6/720pm
Tuesday Juniors10s/11s 4 May16th- August $700 Nth Syd & Mosman
Tuesday Mens 1 1 May10th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd & Mosman
Tuesday Mens 2 2 May10th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd & Mosman
Tuesday Mens 3 2 May10th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd 6/720pm
Tuesday Mixed 1 May10th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd & Mosman
Thursday Mens 1 2 May5th- August $1140/$790 Mosman 8pm+
Thursday Mens 2 2 May5th- August $1140/$790 Nth Syd 6pm+
Thursday Juniors 11/12s 4 May5th- August $700 Nth Syd 6pm+
Thursday Juniors 13/14s 2 May5th- August $700 Nth Syd 6pm+
Thursday Juniors 15/16s 0 May5th- August $700 Nth Syd 6pm+
Friday Mens 3 Feb5th- May $1140/$790 North Sydney
Sunday Afternoon Ladies 6 May14th- August $1140/$790 North Sydney 1pm to 4pm
Sunday Afternoon Mens 1 & 2 4 May14th- August $1140/$790 North Sydney 1pm to 4pm

Juniors Age: Year of Birth-- 10s : 2005, 11s : 2004, 12s : 2003, 13s : 2002, 14s : 2001 , 15s : 2000 , 16s : 1999

* team entry fee is the total fees including the total match fees for the May to Aug comp ($790) and the annual insurance component for the team for the 2014/15 season ($350)

** No games during school holidays

^^ Mens open comps - Suited for teams that work locally. The games are usually at 6,640 & 720 at North Sydney.


Competition Format

The competitions are usually a round robin format where you play each team in your division twice and then the teams progress to semis & finals. Teams will be allocated times evenly. We can try to accommodate some time preferences such as all early or all late games or games after a certain time.

Registration form- download- please read all information on this page regarding registration

Team fee
Teams of up to 12 players pay one Team entry fee at the beginning of each competition which occur three times a year. This fee includes player accident insurance (Insurance component is $350) for up to twelve players for the Futsal Season (Sept 2015 to Aug 2016). Teams returning in the 2016 Autumn and Winter Competitions will be given a discount on the team fee in lieu of the insurance already paid. Players can be added throughout the season but teams are limited to twelve players.

Please note: Player accident insurance covers players for up to one year (September 2015 to August 2016). The cost of insurance will therefore be included in teams entry fees only once during this period.

How to enter a team in the upcoming Winter Season 2016.

1. Select the night and division your team wants to play in according to availability. A $400 deposit is required with your entry and the full balance by 2 weeks prior to Rnd 1. After this date all entries need to be accompanied by the full match fee. Places are allocated on a first in first served basis.

Please note we won't keep places without a deposit.

Teams not having paid by Rnd2 will be charged an account keeping fee of $50

Payment Options
You can pay directly into our account either at a branch or through funds transfer or using BPAY. Please email for our bank details.
We accept Mastercard, Visa & Amex. There is 2% surcharge

If you need an invoice for your company work team please email us with the details.
You can post a cheque in or pay during one of our current season's nights when we are running (currently Monday and Friday, Sunday nights).

Payment Conditions
1. The $400 deposit is non refundable if you decide not to play or do not make full payment by 14th January 2016, or change nights or division.
2. If your team withdraws its entry and have paid the entire fee but not played then you will be refunded the fee minus $400. If your team has played or forfeitted your first game then no refund will be given if you choose not to continue playing.
3. If full payment has not been made by the cutoff date and no arrangement to pay has been made, your place will be given to another team waiting to play and your deposit forfeitted.
4. Suspended or Injured players are not entitled to a refund.
5. Refunds including the deposit will be given in full only if;

  • a) the competition entered has no more places available for you, or;
  • b) does not proceed.






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