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Players on suspension

Players on Suspension
Initial Team Suspended for Start Finish (inclusive)

Red Cards are Automatically 1 or more matches. Please see our Red Card Infringement list

Players receiving 3 yellow cards in a season are automatically suspended for one week. If the player receives a further 2 yellow cards in season there is a further one week suspension. Each additional yellow card after that is a ONE MATCH suspension.

If you play in more than one team you will still receive a one match suspension. No extra allowance is made. Supplying a fake/ alternate or not providing your name to an official is a one week suspension.

Yellow cards reset for each competition. Cards received during semis & finals are carried over into the new season.



Name Team Summer Season Card/Date Winter Season
Abaelhak A BocaMagerhitas Feb9thYY     May30th Jun15th Jun22nd 1 weesk July11th
Allright M Mockeroos Mar 25th            
Antonescu A CrucialBoots Apr2nd            
Apin D SupremeMugwumps       June23rd      
Arash T BrokenXButtons Mar 2nd            
Avasare M DannysFC Mar16th            
Ayuso E FCStugot Mar18th Apr11th   May30th June13th    
Bennett N SwedishShirtMafia         May30th    
Bell A SupremeMugwumps         July11th    
Bell C SupremeMugwumps         July11th    
Beran A KMA         July1stt    
Besnard J RealMosman         May26th    
Bires A JollyRoger     May20th      
Blaxland T HyeCorpFC       July17th      
Bosly C TellYourFriends Apr15th     June2nd      
Buckley D TellYourFriends       June2nd      
Brooks N DanksForThePeptides Mar 4th            
Burke T Greengos Mar 4th            
Chan S TeamCapalang Feb15th            
Clark D KickNChase Apr4th            
Clark J Pulsators Feb 18th     June23rd      
Cochrane J Greengos Apr15th            
Cosgrove M Panic Attack Feb15th            
Daley G Greengos       June23rd      
Devito M AllStarz Feb9th            
Djudice N WarTornFutsoldiers       July16th      
Gibson Allstarz Mar 2nd            
Garcia J GoldenCalms     May19th      
Gemmell M GoldenCalms       June23rd      
Gilbert T HyeCorp       June24th      
Gilroy J BTFCBlokes Apr14th            
Gitt G URAM       June23rd      
Gorghan D KickNChase April 4th            
Gosney P PhoenixFireballs     May27th      
Hall M Potentiate Mar 25th            
Haskard C Mockeroos Mar 25th            
Heim K Pulsators Apr 8th            
Holmes S TheBigZ Feb 17th            
Hickey J Barcaloners Feb26th            
Hastings A BushTurkeys Feb 24th            
Henderson J SwedishShirtmafia         July11th    
Humphries H Freeballers       July1st    
Hudson M NapolisMinions Apr 11th            
Larosa J Lakers Feb18th            
Lee C SupremeMugwumps Feb14th            
Lloyd V AllStarz         May30th    
Lo I TeamCapalang Feb10th            
Lourenco D Cavalinos Feb26th            
Kapellos T Lakers Mar 4th            
Keane R Greengos     May26th      
Kundratin A         June24th      
Malloy D   Apr23rd            
Managheb M BrokenXButtons Feb16th            
MacClay J TheThirstyTravellers Mar16th            
Mekhitarian L TheBigZ       June16th      
Miguel V BocaMageritas Mar2nd       Jun22nd    
Miles 5 NapolisMinions Mar18th            
Mirzakhani S Uram       May26th    
Mitsimuri H Teriyake5       July1st    
Momartin A BocaMagaritas         July11th    
Moore B SwedishShirtmafia         July11th    
Moradi P Uram       June30th      
Moriatti J Barcaloners Feb26th            
Myer M Barcaloners Apr1st            
Nakatami S CrucialBoots Feb12th April1st          
Navid A Uram       June16th      
Nelson N HeatwaveHawks       June24th      
O'Shea S BigCatsFC       July16th      
Pasard J NapolisMinions Feb 14th Mar18th          
Pires A HyeCorpFC       May26th      
Portoles S Bocamageritas Mar 2nd Mar11th          
Pulver H RealMadrid         June23rd    
Pustya M URAM         June23rd June30th  
Risbie J TheBigZ Feb 18th            
Rogan B TheBigZ April4th       June23rd    
Rowan M KickNChase April4th            
Salgo N TheBlacks         July11th    
Sananico K TheBigZ Feb 3rd            
Sanyaie P BrokenXButtons Feb16th            
Sarigas Y Napolis Minions Apr 12th            
Sarigas P NapolisMinions Feb 14th            
Setrakian N LVG Feb 3rd            
Sheldon A Fooseballers       June2nd      
Smith P PanicAttack Feb24th            
Tourneur D TellYourFriends       June30th      
Tosareo N Barcaloners Apr22nd            
Turner D TellYourFriends Feb 10th            
Ubigla R PDFC Feb 17th            
Marcus M SupremeMugwumps Feb 14th            
Valabek P FCStugot Mar18th            
Vaughan B Greengos Apr15th            
Waygood S TheBigZ       June30th      
Wayling A BigCatsFC       May27th July16th    
Wilcox M TheBigZ       May26th June30th    
Worthington S Panic Attack Feb 15th            
Wright K Pulsators Mar4th     June30th      
Wright M DjembaDjemba       July17th      
3   Greengos Mar10th            





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