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Players on suspension

Players on Suspension
Initial Team Suspended for Start Finish (inclusive)
B BGAFC 1week Nov14 Nov21
J BGAFC 1week Nov14 Nov21
A BGAFC 1week Nov14 Nov21
A BGAFC 1week Nov14 Nov21

Red Cards are Automatically 1 or more matches. Please see our Red Card Infringement list

Players receiving 3 yellow cards in a season are automatically suspended for one week. If the player receives a further 2 yellow cards in season there is a further one week suspension. Each additional yellow card after that is a ONE MATCH suspension.

Supplying a fake/ alternate or not providing your name to an official is a one week suspension.

Yellow cards reset for each competition. Cards received during semis & finals are carried over into the new season.



Name Team Summer Season Card/Date  
Allwright M Mockeroos Oct21            
Barber D LaTigra Sep23            
Barrot A SupremeMugwumps Oct10            
Bell M OrangeBullets Oct9            
Beron A KMA Sept9            
Carrozi B BGAFC Oct10YY            
Barre A SupremeMugwumps Oct10            
Bell M OrangeBullets Oct9            
Chadwick N BDFC Sep19            
Chapel S mashUp Oct21            
Carrozzi B BGAFC Oct10 YY Nov14          
Coyle W TheMuffins Sep18            
Collentiannos J BGAFC Oct24            
Dhanushkuti A GrootyFC Nov13            
Dmankoy F AllStarz Sep21            
Forrest A BGAFC Nov14            
Gaudiosio J BGAFC Sep26 Oct24 Nov14        
Haggarty A RealSociapath Sep28            
Hare S FatHeaps Oct21            
Hastings S BushTurkeys Oct27            
Hickey J CraicDrinkers Oct14            
Iwata T Crucial Boots Sep23            
Ivanac D HRH Sep14            
Jillet G RealMosman Oct27            
Jozefek B ClockworkOrange Sep28            
Kirk J CraicDrinkers Oct19            
Kurata K Teriyake5 Sep22            
Lauchly D CraicDrinkers Oct14            
Law J Tekkerslovakia Oct9 Oct30          
Mantcas A SupremeMugwumps Sep22            
mazaheri C MostlyHarmless Nov3            
Mezzarani L TheKrakens Sep21            
Michalandrous B CrucialBoots Oct14            
Morios D JollyRoger Oct12            
Moore B SwedishShirtmafia Sep19            
Mytkowski N VictoriousSecrets Oct14            
Petesic J BGAFC Oct10 Oct17          
Roberts A BGAFC Nov14            
Riberii H MostlyHarmless Oct1            
Sasaki T Teriyake5 Sep30            
Silver L JollyRoher Oct1            
Smith M Pulsators Sep9YY            
Stone J Pulsators Oct13            
Thompson A Bluebullets Oct30            
Turner D TYF Sep29            
Wakeman J InterBFC Oct14 1 week          
Will W ThirstyTravellers Oct1            
Woolich D BDFC Sep22            





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